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Our Mission

  • chairman-pp Hj Nicholas Sylvester, Chairman of HCF

    Alhamdulillah, We offer the highest gratitude to Allah 'Azzawajalla for allowing Hidayah Centre (HC) to be founded in 2005. The continuous efforts carried out by HC include managing the conversion process of new Muslims, providing guidance and education, protecting them from threats of ignorance and any environment that might have not accepted the reversion as well as organizing enlightening programs especially for non-Muslims who are interested in Islam. Since its establishment, thousands of new Muslims have received assistance from HC and thousands more have accepted the light of Islam and reverted to the religion through consistent efforts of its staff. In 2012, HC received the approval from the Malaysian Prime Minister Department to be incorporated as Hidayah Centre Foundation (HCF). We pray that Allah SWT increases the rizq of all our generous benefactors, may your sustenance be abundant and His blessings be upon you in the Hereafter. Thank you.

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Mualaf Aid NEEDED $250 / Family

More than 300 reverts and their families were visited in year 2015. This ac...

Class for Reverts NEEDED $

23 Hidayah Centre branches all around Malaysia organize weekly classes for ...

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